Welcome to STREMBLE

A Research and Development Company

Welcome to STREMBLE

A Research and Development Company

Who we are

A multidisciplinary team of academics and professionals from:

Computer Science



Systems Biology

What we do

Research and Innovation Projects:

Medical Informatics

NGS and Multi-Omics Analytics

Modelling and analysis of biomolecular networks

Personalised computational modelling frameworks

Health Psychology

What we offer

Advance Analytics Services For NGS:

16s rRNA,
Genomic Sequencing

Statistical Modelling for Pharma and Health Sector

On-demand tailored-made exploratory analytics

Systems Biology Modelling Services

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We are a Research and Development oriented company build around our core interdisciplinary team of scientists coming from Computer Science, Medicine, Statistics and Systems Biology. Stremble is structured on two pillars: Primarily we work to develop technologies to deliver innovative solutions for the health and pharmaceutical sector through research conducted in collaboration with our extensive network of academic and industrial partners. Our second pillar is the provision of advanced analytics services and developing both general and on-demand products to accommodate the customer needs.


Brain Science

Systems Biology



Some of our partners