Stremble – Kids Stress Relief, an educational app for stress management through interactive story-telling

Sunday 30th April, 12.00 – 12.50 am, Room: Darwin

Workshop team: Athos Antoniades, Research Director, Dr Federica Tozzi, Program Director, Evel Neokleous, School Psychologist, Aristos Aristodemou, Data Analyst, Marinos Panayiotou, Marketing-graphic design, FIlippos Kindynis, Programmr.

Kids Stress Relief is an educational interactive story-telling app designed to help 6-12 year-old children overcome their fears or stress and learn how to practice relaxation techniques. The first release includes three stories helping children understand body signs of stress and overcome a) worry about school test, b) fear of thunderstorm and c) anxiety associated with meeting new friends. Joshua teaches children tricks to cope with anxiety, such as an easy-to-perform breathing exercise that they can do with him!

Institution/Organization/Company: Stremble Ventures LTD

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