BaseSpace – 16S Statistical Analysis App

16S Statistical Analysis App available on Illumina BaseSpace

The statistical analysis of 16S metagenomics experiments is challenging, especially when they include multiple visits and groups. The complexity is further enhanced when correlating the samples analysed with Illumina’s BaseSpace “16S Metagenomics” app with other collected data. This application is able to correlate the Group, Visit and Source of each sample, with the output of the “16S Metagenomics” app. The “16S Statistical Analysis” app, provides the correlated data in CSV format (compatible with R, SAS, Excel, etc.) along with the following analyses:

1. Quality analysis on the number of classified reads per sample

2. Normality tests of the data

3. Alpha diversity analysis between visits and between groups

4. Statistical analyses on each organism's representation:

4.1. Per group between visits

4.2. Per visit between groups

4.3. Per visit between case control groups

4.4. Per visit change between case control groups

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