Behavioral Neurosciences


The Department of Brain Sciences at Stremble brings together expertise at the forefront of mental health sciences and cognitive neuroscience, psychology and biological sciences, to create a dynamic multi-disciplinary research environment that can address priorities for the life sciences and health.
The department’s commitment to interdisciplinary pursuits isreflected in exciting new research and collaborations with a variety of other disciplines, including biological and computational sciences, educational psychology and eHealth, coaching and communication.
Our mission is to translate scientific knowledge into practical solutions for problems that impact human lives, apply cutting-edge discoveries to real world problems, allowing the application of this knowledge in many fields from medicine to industry to the public health system. We want to lead scientific advances through state-of-the-art experimentation and theory with the goal of understanding how the entire brain-behavior system works, from molecular neuroscience to cognition.
Stremble plans for major investments in the next five years in order to expand and strengthen our research. New collaborations and new academic staff members will be involved to create a new, stronger and realisable vision for neurosciences at Stremble.