Enabling 4P Medicine through Bioinformatics and futureproof applications

STRAA-BIO provides a full solution for epidemiological studies, from secure data collection, to analysis and knowledge extraction. It supports the analysis of NGS and GWAS studies and also has novel in-house algorithms for association and interaction testing between different types of molecular markers and phenotypic/environmental factors.

Multi-Omics Analytics

Stremble’s multi-omics platform offers an integrative solution for deconvolution and analyses of complex and multivariate datasets. Our previous and current research in collaboration with pharma, health and agricultural sector has allowed us to develop our in-house workflow for a multitude of analytics tasks including:

  • GWAS and genome sequencing analytics
  • Main effects, Epistasis and Linkeage disequilibrium testing and characterization
  • 16s RNA Analytics pipeline specializing on human microbiome
  • Transcriptomics and functional association studies
  • Epigenomics
  • Protein interaction networks

Health Bioinformatics

Accessing and processing effectively patient data is a challenging and sensitive task. We have been key partners in various research projects through which we have developed:

  • Clinical Study design for maximizing statistical power in the downstream analysis
  • Electronic Health Records Processing through privacy-by-design frameworks
  • Medical data secure transfer protocols for rapid and effective exchange of patient data between the healthcare provider and its support network
  • Clinical Decision Support Tool Development for reaching tailored made regiments based on personal data