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Novel microbial based diagnostics and biomarkers discovery
New biotics (probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and antibiotics) characterisation
Clinical metagenomics studies
Microbial fingerprinting applications for the agrofood sector

Translating Data to Robust Conclusions

We have the solutions:
Advanced NGS Analytics including AI for Big Data
Design and Support for Clinical Metagenomics Studies
Research and Commercially Oriented Bioinformatics Services
Scientific Reporting on ICH3 standards

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Metagenomics – A key Enabling Technology

The Human Microbiome is nowadays recognized as another organ! Microbes are key players in all aspects of the human physiology and pathology. So far in this effort to measure, characterize and understand their interactions with our bodies…We have only scratched the surface!

Ribosomal DNA (16S & 18S) Sequencing is a key enabling NGS approach for microbial translational research that has accelerated this effort. Yet, the shear amounts of generated data can be challenging to process, analyse and interpret. To this end powered by our team of bioinformatics, computer scientists and statisticians we are providing solutions to maximise the impact of your data:

Our Service – Stremble Advanced Analytics (STRAA)

Mining High dimensional data such as 16S sequencing requires modern robust analytical approaches. Our solution includes scientific workflows combining variable selection for dimensional reduction, clustering methods for pattern discovery and classification algorithms for predictive analysis followed by thorough statistical testing to determine the significance of the findings.

What to expect:

  • Data quality control and filtering of incomplete reads and unrepresented taxa
  • Identification of microbial populations of interest at any or all taxonomy level
  • Characterization of their main effects and correlations with phenotype, bio markers and other clinically relevant data

Scientific reporting and informative visualization of results

We understand the importance of conveying your results to your target audience in the cleanest and most accurate way. Your results will be visualized and delivered in professionally designed publication-ready static figures. Taking a step further we offer interactive dynamically updating visualization solutions!

If analyzing complex datasets poses one challenge, visualizing them is definitely another. Our visualization experts will make sure that you convey the right message for maximum impact.

What to expect:

  • A complete set publication-ready static figures demonstrating the main outcomes.
  • Interactive visualisation applications for user friendly data exploration
  • On demand tailored made figures, infographics and other dissemination material at professional standards

The analysis results will be provided in comprehensive documentation providing full transparency on the analysis methodologies followed, discussion of the main findings along with the relevant visualizations. If this sounds too much we understand. This is why we will also provide a summary of the important outcomes avoiding any unnecessary technicalities.

What to expect:

  • Comprehensive report document including detailed tables of all the tests and analysis performed on the dataset regardless of their statistical significance. This will also include detailed methods required for peer-reviewed publications
  • Summary report showing the statistical significant results and novel findings.
  • Post-delivery support and counselling for clarifying and refining the analytics upon demand