Stremble Advanced Analytics (StrAA)

The Stremble Advanced Analytics (StrAA) focuses on the development and application of state of the art analysis techniques (machine learning, statistical analysis) for knowledge extraction and decision making. The Stremble Advanced Analytics (StrAA) can be applied across disciplines but it is also specialised on Bioinformatics and Learning analytics.


StrAA provides a full solution for epidemiological studies, from secure data collection using eCRF, to analysis and knowledge extraction. It supports the analysis of NGS and GWAS studies and also has novel in-house algorithms for association and interaction testing between different types of molecular markers and phenotypic/environmental factors.

The StrAA service is also providing solutions for the analysis of 16s metagenomics data, including and not limited to diversity analyses, statistical tests for identifying significant differences among different groups and time points, using univariate and multivariate techniques

Learning Analytics

Learning StrAA, is an extension of the Stremble Advanced Analytics platform that offers a Learning analytics environment focused on real time metadata analytics. The Learning StrAA focuses on the student, by analyzing the metadata derived from learning analytics to evaluate the material based on different student groups, using advanced data mining algorithms and big data analytic methodologies.

It offers personalized information that supports the decision making of both teachers and students by analyzing their behavior. This enables the identification of groups among students who used the same learning material to predict the potential efficacy of each educational resource to each student and thus help students use the educational material that can help them more.