Stremble’s Systems Biology Approach

Stremble’s System Biology Research is focused on establishing mechanistic links between genetic regulation and expression with phenotypic outcomes. Mainly we are focused on understanding complex diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative conditions through a multiscale modelling scheme.

In our framework our efforts is to enable personalised modelling by incorporating data from individual patients like, clinical tests, medical history from electronic health records (EHRs), multiomics data (GWAS, genomeSeq, transcriptomics and proteomics). The multiscale nature of the modelling is designed to capture key concepts of biological complexity like emergence, variability in gene expression and genetic polymorphism and pharmakokinetic aspects for computational pharmacology QSP frameworks.

Following an ordinary differential equation based modelling we are developing frameworks for personalising models based on individual patient data to enable 4P medicine (predictive, participatory, personalised)

The framework

Out modelling framework is being developed to accommodate:

  • Molecular level mechanistic modelling and network analysis/li>
  • Distributed deterministic and stochastic numerical simulations
  • Personalized modelling platform by integrating multi-omics data
  • Multi-scale modelling for capturing macro and subcellular effects
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Drug target identification and drug re-purposing studies